The Social Club. Building your Audience

We have been witness to all the trends and fads of marketing and advertising throughout the years. As a matter of fact we have pretty much been the guinea pigs, we’ve have seen ’em come and go. Social media is as solid as they come. Trust and believe it is more than posting about what ever current boy band there is and there temporary enormous fan base. The changing of the guard, Social media is the new radio.

Completely changing how we engage and communicate. 24 hours a day 7 days a week none stop literally in real time across the entire world people will be chatting it up, participating in heated and non-heated limited character debates , complaining about life, products on companies they do not like and suggesting products and services to others. Welcome to Social club for millions where you can listen and be heard every single hour of the day.

What does this mean for you and you business?

Now that you have found out that the entire world is connected and that is not even an exaggeration, as time go on only thing that will happen is we will became more and more integrated with one another. This creates a larger platform for success or failure. There is a night and day difference between personal and business when you are navigating the world of Social media. Posting can be a little tricky because you do not want to be “That Guy” who is always talking about himself however on the other hand you have a business with a product or service you are trying to inform us about.

The General Art of the POST

  • Basic Conversation Post: This is where people post their thoughts, opinions and feelings. This iswhere you can capitalize on building the personality of the business
  • General Business Post: This is where you post the basics of your business. This is the post whereyou let people know who you are and what industry you’re in if it is not clear.
  • Exact Business Post: This post is for you to go into specifics’ about your services or product.
  • The Echo Chamber Post: This is the post where information is amplified or reinforced. If thatmakes no sense to you it’s the Repost/Retweet, this is where going viral starts. This is pretty much the general dynamics of social media. Now take this concept you just learned and think about applying it to numerous socials sites which gives you an endless number of ways to use social media. Are you feeling like saying Ahhhhh what should I do, should I self promote all day? Tell about my current deals and situations? Attempt to get people to share the


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