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There is no secret. I absolutely love to take in information. I learn as if I am going to live forever. To me, what you learn today is your survival tomorrow. I often read other expert and guru marketing blogs. CMO’s as well, however, I am not sure that they are the ones who are actually doing the writing. I tend to read blogs across several genres but one of the funny things I come across are the “how to’s” on blog writing. Sometimes I agree with what is said. For example, don’t just write a blog trying to sell your products and services.

We never liked pushy ass salespeople and we sure don’t like the, “Buy this”, “Buy that” blogs. One thing I very strongly disagree with is the tip that says that you must state your sources in your blog rather than making it an opinion piece. Wait… what? That totally goes against why and how blogs even exist to start with. Blogs aren’t dry, corporate professional language. I’m not implying that you use bad grammar and slang. What I mean is to have your own version


of professional. It’s a conversation piece to tell people about what you come across and how you view it. I often times read blogs and think to myself, (in my Tom Ford voice) “No No No that’s wrong, just all wrong”, knowing full well there are no rights or wrongs when writing a blog. They’re all based on emotions, feelings and how we receive the information as humans.

How can you do that wrong? The best blogs are written from personal opinion and based generally on how you view experiences. Sorry I just don’t have sources ready that are based on how I feel, so how can that be remotely close to right? There will always be at least two sides to every argument on what’s wrong, what’s not wrong, what’s acceptable, and what’s not acceptable. Some may feel that me using an extra set of eyes is inauthentic to the blog writing process and they are well within their right to make a statement as such. But, blogging is just one of those things that you can make yours and put your own spin on it.


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