About Us

Robertson Marketing & Branding: The Digital Intelligence Agency of the Future. Here at RMB there is no task too big or too small. We take extreme pleasure in improving your bottom line by enhancing your visibility through visual and content marketing across the best platforms for your brand's message.

The Team


Raphael Robertson

I am a seasoned expert  in my field with several years of experience. My passion for what I do shows in my work and performance history. I have a proven track record of success with a focus on development and execution of strategic projects. I have built a strong, effective team that is motivated and goal-oriented. Want to learn more?  Follow me on my social channels, or contact me directly- Hit "message me" to learn more about being your temporary Chief Marketing Officer. I’d love to hear from you!

Senior Developer

Devin Green

I've been doing graphic and web design for many years. 11+ years to be exact. With my knowledge of UI/UX design, I make sure your designs and brand look amazing. I take pride in what I create and oversee. 

Shadow Tech Warriors

The League of Shadows is a supergroup of coders, designers and developers designated to work on your multimedia platforms and bring your brand to life. These are the group of keyboard assassins that work for Mr. Robertson in the shadows of Robertson Branding. This multi-talented group of shadow ninjas will execute on demand and have you and your company on your industry’s forefront.